Pest Control

For the efficient removal of unwanted pests form your home or business

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Lawn Weed Control and Fertlization

LAWN CARE is an exact science, and we have the BEST quality lawn fertilization and weed control methods to produce the healthiest lawns in Northern Indiana.

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The Safeguard MistAway System automatically sprays a fine mist of botanical insecticide through nozzles installed around the perimeter of your yard. Two to three short mists per day- usually scheduled around dawn and dusk- is all it takes to achieve amazing control.

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There is nothing worse than a pest infestation or rodent problem.  Whether unwanted pests are affecting your home or business, the problem must be stopped.  That is why our experts a SAFEGARD Pest Control have been guaranteeing complete pest control and rodent control to Goshen, and Elkhart County.

Once contacted, we arrive at your property promptly and effectively eradicate your problem at an affordable price.  Safeguard Pest Control effectively exterminates or controls a wide variety of rodents and pests, including mice, rats, ants cockroaches, earwigs, spiders and mosquito.  Contact our friendly team for more info about our complete pest control services.  574-538-3228

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